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Quilt Drop Off

Yay! Your quilt top is done and ready for quilting! There is a link to google forms below. Please fill this out and I will be reaching out to you within the next 12-24 hours to get your quilting appointment set up.

Things to remember when preparing your quilt:


*Backing should measure AT LEAST 4 inches larger on all side (Ex. Top= 60 x 80 | Backing= 68 x 88)


*I do not accept denim quilts

*All quilts/fabric/backing/batting should be free of excess hair, pet fur, pet dander, pet stains, etc.

*If any pressing, thread snipping, lint/hair/fur removal, or additional prep work is necessary, there will be an automatic charge shown on your final invoice.

*Be sure top and backing are both pressed adequately

*Try to avoid folding backing fabric along seam

Notes on Cuddle Fleece/Minky:

*Cuddle Fleece has a long nap that will come through in the needle holes of the quilting-it is recommended that you choose a thread that matches the color of the cuddle fleece

*Cuddle Fleece is accepted as a backing but MUST be in one solid piece. Cuddle Fleece is available in 60" & 90" widths. There will be no exceptions.

Payment Policy & Late Fees :

Once quilt(s) are complete and customer is notified, customer has 7 days to make payment. After 7 days has past there will be a $5/day late fee assessed until service is paid for.

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